Saturday, July 13, 2013

One More Thing About Andy ...

... and this whole business of "what if he'd lived to a ripe old age?"

I don't think Andy had much left as a painter.  And I always thought adding Nico to the Velvet Underground was a horrible idea, so let's rule him out as a music producer.  And his films were more notable because they were made by him than because of what they, themselves, were.

Case in point, "Blow Job."

A classic!  27 minutes of a close-up of a guy getting a blow job.  Looks a lot like the young Brando, but isn't.  The powers that be won't let me post it on the blog, but the link is here.  I'm not telling you to watch it (although I once watched ten minutes or so of it at a Warhol show on 24th Street several years ago).  I'm just informing you of its existence.

[General caveat:  Probably not safe for most work environments]

It should be noted that the first three slates of the film read:

Slate 1 -- Andy Warhol's
Slate 2 -- Blow Job
Slate 3 -- This film has been preserved by the Museum of Modern Art Department of Film

The Museum of Modern Art thinks it's worth keeping.  So hell, maybe the joke's on me.  Or maybe not.  If the joke was on MoMA, one wonders at what point would they have stopped laughing?

All that aside, I could see Warhol living on, more like Truman Capote than anything else.  Lunching and la-di-dah, followed by a massive flame-out of some nature or other.  Masterminded, perhaps, by Warhol himself.

Because the man was a genius.


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