Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pablito

Oh my God -- it's Pablo Picasso's birthday.

This is my favorite of his paintings ...

The best part being, of course, the dog under the table.

This is right up there too.  I remember when they had a Picasso maxi-show at MoMA perhaps twenty years ago.  I visited several times, but the second time I went I got in line before the door opened and, when they let us all in, I sprinted up the stairs to see this one -- Three Women at the Fountain.

I stared at it until the crowds started to arrive.  Then I stared a bit more.  What a painting.

I also love this one ...

Although it isn't technically a Picasso.

How do you know?
That it's not a Picasso?
Because it's hanging in my bedroom.


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