Thursday, November 14, 2013


Apparently some major player (a vice-something-or-other but not a vice-president because they're a dime a dozen) from JPMorgan Chase was going to have an online chat with the chattel via Twitter.  Suggested that questions be sent to #AskJPM.

Are they idiots?

Apparently the wave of hostility and derision directed to #Ask... was such that they closed the whole thing down.  Nonetheless, here are a few, courtesy of Zerohedge, courtesy of Daily Kos.

Are you proud of being one of the largest welfare recipients on the planet?  #AskJPM
Retweeted by Dana Kagis

Anyone in your family ever been foreclosed on?
Retweeted by Alejandro Ramirez

umair haque @umairh
How come you guys aren't in jail? #AskJPM

about 2 hours ago
Sorry we ruined your hashtag event, if you could just apologise for your plunder of the global economy,. I think we'd be even. #askjpm

7:37pm - 13 Nov 13
"Hmm. Maybe we should get us one o' them--what you call 'em? 'Socialized Media Managers?'" -- @jpmorgan, after seeing results of #AskJPM

When Jamie Dimon eats babies are they served rare? I understand anything above medium-rare is considered gauche. #AskJPM

Hey, @jpmorgan: What's it like knowing that you've escaped punishment for securities fraud again & again? #AskJPM…
Is it the ability to throw anyone out of their home that drives you, or just the satisfaction that you know you COULD do it? #AskJPM

#askJPM do you think you'll be more successful than Michael Corleone was in transitioning your crime family to a one that is totally legit?

If you were a shameless financial predator profiting off of the misery of your customers, what kind of predator would you be? #AskJPM

What's your favorite type of whale? #AskJPM

Here's one from @emptywheel:

Why aren't you in jail for sending a literal ton of gold bullion to Iran in violation of sanctions? #AskJPM

I particularly like the Godfather reference.  Hell, I should paint another painting of Jamie Dimon and write them on there.

I like your phrase 'chat with the chattel'.
Thank you.
They should have called it that instead of AskJPM.


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