Monday, November 11, 2013

Formula 1 Update: It's a Black Day in New Jersey

When is it not?

Regardless, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Grand Prix of America -- the one that's supposed to be run next summer through the streets of Weehawken (I laugh, just typing those words) -- is not going to happen.

Me, sage that I am?  I've never believed it was going to happen, and said so on these very pages.  But there was a part of me that really liked the idea of taking the ferry from a west side pier to Port Imperial and watching a race.  So that's a bummer.

On a financial note, the GP of Jersey was planned with the assumption that there would be virtually no local/state funding.  All private investment.  It would have been fun to see just how much they ended up charging for tickets.

The good news is that my boy Felipe Massa has reattached his head (Ferrari cut it off a couple of weeks ago) and landed a job with Williams.  Williams has had the worst decade of its F1 existence, but next year brings a fast, experienced driver and completely new engine specs.  So anything is possible.  Perhaps their time is coming back around.

There was a time when Williams was the absolute bee's knees of Grand Prix racing.  Even the great Ayrton Senna drove for them.


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