Saturday, November 23, 2013

How 'bout That Katie Couric? slash Painting Number 15!

I might start reading Yahoo.

Actually I just tried and still found it annoying, but that has nothing to do with reports suggesting that Katie Couric, she of the famous 'What newspapers do you read everyday?' question, is getting ready to leave her network job and go work for Yahoo.

What if Marissa Mayer is really on to something and Yahoo turns into the coolest thing in the world?  That would be great.  It's a stupid name, but I'm a lover, not a hater so I wish them well.  One of the things she might consider is changing the name.  Odd how Google, from which Ms. Mayer was spawned, seems like a fine name and Yahoo seems stupid.

Maybe it's just you.
Maybe it's just me.

I'm of the school that says The Today Show, a current embarrassment, was at it's best with the insufferably pompous Bryant Gumble at the helm and the insufferably perky Couric as first mate.  Like a hot-air balloonist, Couric knew just when to let the hot air out of Gumble and in precisely what amount.  It all worked beautifully.

I call your attention to this ...

Which to this day remains stunning.  And this ...

Which is my 15th All-Time Favorite Painting!  Big John was annotated just after the Republican National Convention in '08, at which McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate.  You don't have to spend too much time reading this painting to know that McCain's candidacy is in trouble.

And this, just because it's fun ...


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