Friday, November 29, 2013

Medusa through the years

This, a recent British GQ cover.  Shot by shark-in-formaldehyde-boy Damien Hirst of all people.  There's a bit of a stink about it.  Some guy named Jim Starr is accusing Hirst of plagiarism.  Like Starr was the first guy to think about Medusa.  Furthermore, like there's anything wrong with enlightened plagiarism in the arts ...

 This by Carravaggio, circa the 17th century ...

This, by a guy named Luca Giordano (also late 17th century), of my boy Perseus using Medusa's head to turn his enemies into stone.

This is thought to be the first image of Medusa, circa 600 BC.

My Medusa is still a work in progress.


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