Friday, November 08, 2013

My New Car

You'll remember when I told you I had just made $16 million on Twitter stock?  And that I was on my way to buy an Aston-Martin, but it turns out there are no local dealerships?  Well, with all that cash burning a hole in my pocket I went, instead, to my trusty M-B dealership and bought a shiny black S65 AMG.  Six liter V-12.  621 horsepower.  738 pound-feet of torque.  Ja wohl!

When I got it home I popped the hood, thinking perhaps to upgrade the spark plugs, maybe pop in an aftermarket performance chip, and found this ...


I guess they didn't design it for the at-home tinkerer.
I guess not.


Blogger Kayla Dudley said...

Nice Mercedes you got there! You're right that the engine isn't for the “at-home tinkerer.” You will definitely need a professional especially when dealing with its twin turbo engines and adaptive automatic transmission. ;)

Kayla Dudley @

9:13 AM  

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