Thursday, November 07, 2013

Live-Blogging the Twitter IPO

Holy Sassafras -- I just made 16 million bucks!

I refer, of course, to Twitter, priced at 26 and opening at 45 and change.  I was lucky enough to get in early and when I'm finished here I'm on my way to the local Aston-Martin dealership to buy one of these extremely bad boys ...

It's a Vanquish Volante, for those of you not totally in the A-M know.  And while the candy-apple red is fun, I think a man my age is better suited with British Racing Green.

Bad news.
Troy doesn't have an Aston-Martin dealership.
Nor does Albany.
And besides, everybody knows you have no position with Twitter.
Okay, but still, a man can dream.

Anyway, here's a quick map painting of how I see the IPO going ...

Hint:  It ain't staying in the 40s.

And just so we're clear, this isn't really live-blogging, is it?
No.  But when is it ever?
I do wish you had made the red dot bigger.
Not to worry.  It'll look alright soon enough.


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