Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Dreaming of Electric Sheep

When I dropped out of the real world and became a painter I also stopped being a PC guy and became an Apple guy.  I'm typing this on a beautiful iMac with a bigger screen than lots of televisions I've owned.  And for a long time I was dazzled -- positively dazzled -- by the Apple experience.  I even thought of painting an interpretation of Picasso's Le Rēve with Steve Job's head on it and ear buds in his ears.

But no more.  Sick of Apple, I recently bought an Android phone.  Their operating systems are named after snacks, not predatory cats, which is soothing.  Mine is called a "ice cream sandwich" or something like that.  I wrote a post a little ways back asking what Apple has done for me lately.  The answer being, nothing, in terms of breakthrough electronic stuff.

Not so my boys at Android/Google.  They have this thing on their phones called swype, maybe.  It's the feature that, when emailing or messaging, allows you to drag your finger across all the letters in a word in one long, zig-zagged swipe of the keyboard, and then up pops the word.

In lieu of typing, obviously.  Unbelievable.

This, for your reference, is Le Rēve ...

It's the one that Steve Wynn famously put his elbow through.  Translated, Le Rēve means The Dream.  One of the things that caught people off guard when this painting was first made public was the penis-like component to the head (not to mention the placement of the hands which could, to some minds, suggest masturbation).  This, I thought, would go nicely with my Steve Jobs interpretation, since the guy, accomplishments aside, was a bit of a dick.

Anyway, back to the phone:  I find myself texting my friends just for the joy of using this application.  Remember when you used to type in "u" instead of "you"?  No more.  Typing you is now the simplest of back and forths.  It's truly magnificent.

Everybody then mumbles that nothing can compare to the range of apps at the Apple store.  Which on some level is true, but really, I barely use more than ten apps, and Google has them.  I say that quickly because I haven't yet tried to integrate my iTunes library to my Android phone.  I bet that's gonna be a clusterfuck.


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