Sunday, November 03, 2013


I refer to the movie starring Ryan Gosling and Carry Mulligan that I saw last night.  Kind of fun in an enigmatic way; much of the fun coming at the expense of the enigma, which is charming in it's own way.

That's pretty complicated.
Yes it is.

Let's revisit:  Ryan Gosling plays a stunt driver slash slash slash getaway driver for hire who probably says less than 250 words in the whole movie.  And he's in almost every shot.  So basically the guy says nothing most of the time.  You ask him a question and five or ten seconds -- an eternity in film -- goes by before he answers with a word or two.

I guess my point is that at some point both the actors and the director must have been joking to themselves about it and that kind of comes through on the screen.  Me?  I enjoyed it.

Except for one thing:  I hate unrealistic car chases.  You've surely heard of or even seen a Chrysler 300.  It's Chrysler's boxy, sorta-sporty sedan.  You can put an engine with hemispherical heads in it if you feel the need for maniacal acceleration, but that still doesn't make it a race car.  And that's the car the bad guys are driving as they chase our hero at some point early on.

Our hero has managed to steal a window-shaking, big-bore Mustang GT (if that's what they call high performance Mustangs these days) that sounds more like a NASCAR racer than a street car.  And our hero is the greatest driver in the history of the world.  And yet, for about five minutes he can't seem to get any more than five feet ahead of this big boxy Chrysler.  And I'm supposed to sit there and believe that shit?

I'll start with a B+ overall, then subtract half a letter grade for the stupid car chase, yielding a B-.  Which, as I used to tell my parents, isn't a bad grade.


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