Friday, November 01, 2013

Libor Revisited

Depressing article in The Times today by Floyd Norris.  Titled "After Fraud, the Fog Around Libor hasn't Lifted".

I read that article.
Didn't see a single typo.
Well, that's something.

Anyway, between that and all this fuss about Banksy, I thought somebody should say something about Jean-Michel Basquiat, who rocketed to a level of fame that Banksy can only dream about by way of his grafitti.  Which he signed "SAMO".  Which was short for Same Old Shit.

Thus ...

Here's an original SAMO work ...

And here's a huge Basquiat that I rather admire.  Frequently enough, after he'd made the shift from street art to painting in the studio, he'd still scrawl SAMO on his canvases.  In this case, he didn't happen to do that.  So I, in an act of stunning presumption and, some would say, downright vulgarity, photoshopped it in.

God forgive me.


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