Thursday, October 31, 2013

Inverted Murdoch --- Number Sixteen!

Inverted Murdoch ...

Number 16 on my list of all-time favorite paintings.

This was painted when the phone hacking scandals first started to rock News Corp.  Now, two years later, one of the biggest players in the uproar, former News of the World editor in chief and Murdoch favorite Rebekah Brooks, steps into the blocks, closely shadowed by a huge red thing that I can only assume is her hair, to be held accountable for allegations of phone hacking, bribing government officials and obstruction of justice.  All of these being laypersons' terminology for British legal terms that are probably different.

I hope they throw the book at her.  What kind of a way to spell Rebecca is that?

In a perfect world they'd throw Rupert in the clink as well, but honestly, what are the chances?  Plus, as loathsome a lizard of a man that he is, it's entirely possible he didn't break the law.  All I can do is punish him with Benjamin Moore house paint, dripped from my stick, and the vox populi, as scrawled on my canvas.

It should be noted that Inverted Murdoch represents the first time I turned the portrait over.  It was followed a month later with Inverted Perry, and then some time after that, Inverted Keynes.   All of which are classics.  I was taking a pee the other day in the downstairs bathroom and I looked to my right and thought, "Hmmm -- that's a pretty big wall.  Maybe I should hang a painting in here."

I can't think of a better place to put Inverted Murdoch.


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