Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The 3:50 from New York to Albany ...

I'm listening right now to an album called The Pizza Tapes.  Which is a riff on The Basement Tapes, except that, instead of Bob Dylan and The Band there's Jerry Garcia (who everybody knows about) and David Grisman (who less people know about, but manomanoman, he's a mandolin wizard).  Jerry and David are sitting around with a couple of friends just playing songs, trading licks, talking between songs, probably drinking some Dogfish Head Craft-Brewed Ale.

It's not the greatest album in the world, but when they stop talking and start playing some of the stuff that comes out is outstanding.

All this by way of saying that the estimable Troy establishment Bacchus Wood-Fired Pizza is hosting a Grateful Dead/Dogfish Head (which rhymes) celebration of a new Dogfish ale called American Beauty.  Which, if you're one of those people who likes Grateful Dead albums (as opposed to going and seeing them live), is one of the best.

I'm trying to put that in a song lyric.
Grateful Dead and Dogfish Head.
I've got the Grateful Dead/Dogfish Head Guatemalan blues.
That's the lyric?
Yeah.  It's just a beginning.
I think there's an opportunity for messing around with the juxtaposition of Dead and Head.
I think you're right.
And what does Guatemala have to do with anything?
Sometimes lyrics don't have to do with anything.  They simply exist.

There's a MegaBus leaving New York at 3:50 this afternoon.  You catch it at the corner of 34th Street and 11th Avenue.  Gets you into Albany at around 6:30.  You can be at Bacchus by quarter of seven, at which point the party should be kicking nicely into gear.  You should come up.

You don't even like Dogfish Head.
No.  I think it tastes like excresence.
That's not even a word.
Perhaps not.  But a lot of people do like Dogfish.  Me?  I'm of the light and fizzy school of beer.  Schlitz jumps to mind.
There's a lot of people who think Schlitz tastes like piss.
Which is better than excresence.
Says you.

If you can find me, and then show me your MegaBus ticket, I'll buy you a beer.  I look something like this ...

No you don't.  That's Francis Bacon.

Sorry.  If you can find me, and then show me your MegaBus ticket, I'll buy you a Budweiser.  I look something like this.


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