Monday, October 28, 2013

Thirteen seconds of Formula 1

Formula 1 cars used to be more complicated than they are now.  As if that's even imaginable.  Traction control; anti-lock brakes; moveable aerodynamic devices.  Hell, one version of a Tyrrell had four front wheels.

What was odd -- and I remember trying to explain this to a friend of mine years ago, was that they sometimes sounded as if the back of the car was going to burst into pieces at any minute.  Which is disintuitive, given they are the pinnacle of automotive technology.  You'd think they'd sound like a Swiss chronometer.  The baddest Swiss chronometer on the planet.

But no.  They didn't.

Looking for a Cowboy Junkies video, of all things, I stumbled on this ...

... which illustrates my point nicely.

Sadly, they don't sound like this anymore.  


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