Saturday, October 26, 2013

More on Picasso

Because there's always more where Picasso is concerned.

He would have been 132 yesterday.  Like Lennon, it's sad he died so young.  It would have been amazing to see what he did as an older man.

Crikeys.  He was 92 when he died!
Exactly.  Too bad he couldn't have squeezed out a bit more.  I would have loved to hear what he had to say about one of Jeff Koons' dogs.

He was a man who always looked good in a fisherman's shirt.  This, I think, is Edie Sedgwick, but it could just as easily have been my boy Pablo.

Except for the fishnets -- he never wore those.  Although wearing fishnets when you are wearing a fisherman's shirt is really committing to the look.  And I respect that.

I'm not comfortable with that cigarette.
Me neither.

And that dude could really paint fast.  Me?  I do layer after layer after layer, so I admire that too.


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