Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I can't sleep.
Of course you can't.  It's the middle of the morning.
It's late morning, and I'm referring to my late morning nap.
Tossing and turning.
Why?  Too much coffee?
I feel bad for telling that Anonymous guy to shut the fuck up.  How am I to expect a high level of discourse if I'm telling people to shut the fuck up?
He did come at you pretty hard.
Maybe.  But still ...
And I thought his juxtaposition of the lines "let her stand on her own merits" and "a true beauty" was slightly creepy.
Me too.  But still ...
Are we to assume that part of standing on her own merits is the acknowledgment of how hot she is?  Surely that flies in the face of gender-blindness in the workplace.
Surely.  But still ...
Although I did think his final line about fine art was interesting.  Wrong, but interesting.
Here.  Check this out ...

What is it?  It's just a blank sheet of paper with some smudges.
It's a work of art by Robert Rauschenberg called Erased de Kooning Drawing.  He used to live in the same building as de Kooning and one night, after a couple drinks, he went upstairs, knocked on the door, and asked if he could have a drawing that he, Rauschenberg, would then proceed to erase.
And the erasure would be like performance art?
Not exactly.  I'd have gone with neo-Dadaist conceptualism.
You would?
If you're making me attach labels, yeah.  
Okay ...
The notion that things change; that sometimes we have to blow the old shit up before the new shit can thrive.  A kind of Schumpeter for the art world.
Who's Schumpeter?
Joseph Schumpeter.  An Austrian economist.
Was he the guy who said "Buy soup.  Build a fort.  Set that on fire."
That was Jean-Michel Basquiat.

I love that guy's stuff.  Think what fun he'd have had with the banking crisis.
The fun part of the Rauschenberg business was that de Kooning, who liked Rauschenberg's idea, gave him what he thought would be the most difficult drawing he had to erase.  
As a gag.
Exactly.  It took Rauschenberg two months before he was done.


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