Monday, October 28, 2013

Russell Brand Takes Over MoJo

You'll recall from a few posts ago my new-found fondness for Russell Brand.  Let me add this as Exhibit B for the Prosecution.  If prosecution means I'm for the guy, not against the guy.

I think you're prosecuting your point of view.
As in putting it forward in an aggressive way?

Fair enough.  Herewith, Exhibit B for the Prosecution ...

Pay special attention near the end to his comment about the way Mica is holding her water bottle and her subsequent reaction.  Priceless.

Me?  I like most of the people on Morning Joe (and I'm drawn to Mica on a number of levels).  But over the last several years they've gone from a second-tier morning television destination to what many consider must-see political TV, and a certain smugness has set in.  At which point I decided I was sick of Morning Joe and decided I'd stay away until the next significant election cycle (which on some calendars has already started but not on mine).


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