Monday, October 28, 2013

Number Seventeen!

Maria Bartiroma as the Virgin Mary ...

This was the painting responsible for my one and only time on the Post's Page Six.  Lame, to the Nth degree, the blurb reads:

MARIA Bartiromo has an artistic follower. Geoffrey Raymond was standing outside Goldman Sachs yesterday exhibiting his new painting depicting CNBC’s “Money Honey” as the Virgin Mary, with the quotation above her head: “If I see that bitch Erin Burnett on the ‘Today’ show one more time, I’m gonna freak out!” Raymond told us, “I think the picture is actually very pro-Bartiromo. Were I she and I saw Burnett popping up on ‘Today,’ I’d freak out, too. It seems like a very honest emotion."

Looked like this at one point ...

But that was a disaster.  Eventually it evolved into this ...

The writing in the arch referred to a mini-scandal about Bartiromo sharing a private Citi jet with a high-level executive named Todd Thompson coming back from Asia.  The other Citi employees scheduled to fly on the jet were unceremoniously told to fly commercial.  So, ostensibly, the two of them could be alone.

In the end I decided the painting in the Todd Thompson form was a bit too mean-spirited -- that's presumably his wife talking to him.  So I put it away.  Six months later, I hit on the Erin Burnett thing and went with that.

Which shows you I'm not the asshole a lot of people say I am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and mean spirited is why you haven't sold the goddam painting....who the fuck knows or cares who her lover was/ is...let her stand on her own merits...a true get to caught up in the media frenzy...fine art is made of composition, not distraction

1:10 PM  

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