Monday, October 28, 2013

I'd call this "One Last Thing About the Knicks" except it won't be. Not by a long shot.

The owner of the Knicks is a guy named James Dolan.  His father was a cable genius and the moving force behind Cablevision.  So the family is loaded enough to buy an NBA team.  And Madison Square Garden.  And the Rangers.  And then not have to care about what happens to any of these things.

Too busy playing in his blues band, I suppose ...

Oy gevalt.

Actually, if I didn't know the whole story I'd say the band was almost ok.  I could hear them in a bar happily enough, although I wouldn't pay money to see them.  But I do know the whole story.  And sad truth is that James Dolan is a better musician than he is a sports executive.

Which, just saying it, sits on my tongue like ashes from a cigarette.  I loathe the man.


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