Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dogfish Dead/Grateful Head.

Thoughts on tonight's activities:

Lovely time at Bacchus.  Lots of Dogfish.  Which was horrible.

Went to the sports bar:

Nets lose. To a tomato can of a team.
Knicks win (although they were 20+ to the good at the half but still had to fight through a tie in the 4th).
Red Sox seemingly on their way to a third Super Bowl win in ten years.  Up 6-1 in the 7th.

At some point I was going to title this post "Hey Brooklyn? Blow Me!", but cooler heads prevailed.   Otherwise everything was more or less lovely at Bootleggers.  Except the bartender poured my Bud Light into a green glass -- apparently a Rolling Rock promotion.  And that threw me off track for a bit.

Watching all three events ended up being worse, rather than better, than I thought it would be.  Instead of the experience of the whole exceeding the sum of the parts, it was the reverse.  I'm not sure the human mind can really manage three sports events at once, if none of them are football.

Remind me to share with you my theory about the relationship between negative space (an art term) and baseball (a baseball term).

Also remind me to discuss the buy-back policy at Bootleggers and my plans from years ago to open a bar named McManny's One Two Free.

Can't do it now.


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