Sunday, November 03, 2013

Take me down, Little Suzy

Our strategy of reaching 8-8 by winning a game then losing a game then winning a game, etc., will be under significant duress today as the Jets host the Saints.  Although New Orleans is sometimes called the Big Easy, this has nothing to do with their football team.  Which might better be described as the Big Difficult.

We shall see.  If it goes badly you can find me in my basement room, with a needle and a spoon, and another girl to take my pain away.  But hey, I'm feeling nothing but positive stuff right now.
Also, there's no reason why the first half of the season can't go win-lose-win-lose, etc. (which it did) and the second half can't go lose-win-lose-win, etc.  The math majors among you can surely see that that's also a legitimate path to 8-8.

Which is where we're trying to go.  And, just for the record, 9-7 saves Rex Ryan's job.  Which I would take as good news but some of the esteemed TYOMP readership would take as bad news.

Go Green.  Here's a nice tribute to Townes Van Zandt as he sings Dead Flowers.

To Live's To Fly.


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