Friday, November 01, 2013

One last note on Rebekah Brooks

At a certain point you get too old for a haircut like this.  The woman's 45.

Your salad days are behind you, honey.  Let it go.

Don't even get me started on the frock.
I hear you, man.  That collar's speaking on several levels, none of them in a good way.
We should get her shrink on the phone and pelt him slash slash slash her with questions.

Also, after watching a bit of Orange is the New Black, I'm not sure that doo is going to be the best strategy for survival in the general prison population.

Philosophical update:  None of this is to say that she's not attractive, or that women in their mid-40s are by any means over the hill.  I'm just saying that some hair styles have a certain age-appropriate shelf-life, and this particular style looks better on women in their tens and twenties.  One man's opinion.

Case in point ...

For the record I rarely go to animated movies.  I enjoyed this one quite a bit, if for no other reason than the Scottish accents.

A brogue.
Or a burr.


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