Monday, November 04, 2013

Number Fifteen

Lilah S. (Ash Wednesday) ...

Lilah was a friend of mine from a long time ago.  Used to be a waitress at Elmo, which I still frequent even though a) I don't know anybody who works there anymore and b) it is one of the most disfunctional restaurants I've ever experienced.

The painting hung around for years without the ashes (in part because I once asked her if she minded if I painted them in and she didn't look thrilled), but finally I just needed to do it so I did.

The title comes from the fact that the painting was finished on Ash Wednesday, not because she'd just come from church.

She had great lips too.

I should add that the painting looks a lot better in person, but what's the point.  It sounds like weakness.  Mewling.  As Bill Parcells once said, we are what our record says we are.  I should just shut up.

I should also add that the painting's a big one.  Six feet by five.  It's rolled right now, but I frequently find it on my wall.


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