Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Thank You, John Corzine ...

... for your inspirational leadership of MF Global.

Wait.  That's not right.

The good news is that the way has been paved for making all the MF Global investors whole again, minus of course the interest they might have lost on their money while it was limbo -- but hey, shit happens.

That doesn't mean the MF Global debacle didn't have any victims.  In addition to the lost interest noted above, creditors and un-contracted employees are going to take a significant hit.  I rather do like this painting ...

I can't believe I don't have an image showing the annotations.  Nor can I just wander into the storage bin and pull out the painting since I sold it a while back.

None of which should obfuscate Corzine's tragic channeling of Yertle the Turtle in fucking up what was, before his arrival, a functional, useful company.

The caption that is missing would likely read something like "More turtles down there!  I want to make this company the next Goldman Sachs!"  Or something like that.


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