Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lenny and Otto

Lenny Dykstra and Otto Dix.  One played baseball, then went to jail for securities fraud, or something.  The other was a painter "despised by Hitler because his style decried the ravages of World War I and spoke to Weimar anxiety, and because his art mocked the German idea of heroism."  This second part according to the New York Times.

Both were, apparently, Twizzler enthusiasts.

Here's a Dix self-portrait ...

Here's Dykstra, before any annotations ...

Me?  I love this painting.  The texture of the skin on the painting itself is a marvel.  Stop by the house and take a look.  Also of interest, if you following my work thisclose, is the addition of some blue swirls on the right side of the image, just above his shoulder, framing his face to some degree.  I almost never do that, but in this case it does make the cheekbones pop.  I wonder if that was what I was thinking.

It should be noted that the Dix painting is the one currently in the news for having been part of an amazing cache of some 1500 Nazi-confiscated artworks recently found by German customs agents.


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