Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eighty Five Dollars at the Met

So I went to see the show of 8th century south-east Asian Buddhist sculpture at the Met.  Cost me an arm and a leg.

For starters I didn't have a single, and I didn't feel comfortable handing the admissions lady a five and asking for change, so I was down five bucks before I even started.

Then I got upstairs and, realizing I knew a great deal less about 8th century Buddhist sculpture than I did, say, the European impressionists, decided to rent an audio tour machine.  Which I used for both the sculpture show as well as the Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux show (which was a stunner).  So that was seven, albeit well-spent, dollars.

Then, so deeply moved by all those fucking Buddhists, I ended up buying the catalog.  Which was a trim $71 and change.  Tax deductible, but still.  Apparently they've stopped selling paperback versions of their catalogs.

All that, plus a sleep-over at Daughter #2's new apartment, plus a couple of beers at McManus and then I got the hell out of Dodge.  What I missed, apparently, was Robert Longo's show in Chelsea in which he reinterprets famous painted images using just graphite (I think that's what he's doing).

These images were smuggled out to me by a friend ...


deKooning and Pollock, in order.  Obviously.


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