Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anatomy is a funny thing

Let's say you're walking the dog.  One of those big thin ones, like a redbone coonhound or, even more fun, a weimeraner.

Preferably one who's not running for office.

Anyway, you look down and you watch the dog's spine undulate in a kind of s-shaped pattern.  That's how dogs walk.

Likewise, if you're looking at the spine of a Tour de France cyclist doing the individual time trial.  Same thing.  Same s-shaped pattern.  Proof that we're really all dogs, I suppose.  If not actually then certainly metaphorically.

Anatomy is a funny thing.

My boy Tejay van Garderen couldn't quite reel in the 4th place I predicted.  He did pop up one spot, though, and will finish the Tour in 5th.  Which is not chopped liver, I can tell you.


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