Thursday, July 10, 2014

karma's a bitch

One can still hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming out of Brazil some days after Germany whacked their pee-pee so hard it almost fell off.

To which I say "Shut up!"

First of all, dude -- it's only a game.

Second, even if you don't believe that, the Brazilian debacle is nobody's fault but their own.  I've itemized the following for your convenience.

1 -- Brazil's junior sports organizations are a joke compared to, say, Germany's.
2 -- In the face of aging and reduced talent, they have abandoned the beautiful game they made famous and become thugs (It should be noted that Brazil committed more fouls than any other team in this World Cup).
3 -- The public outcry, led by the Brazilian coach, about the injury to Neymar completely ignores the fact that Brazil was playing a far rougher and dirtier game than Colombia in the game in which Neymar got injured, taking particular pains to mess with Neymar's counterpart James, who they almost turned into Hummus (pronunciation joke) with two particularly nasty fouls.
4 -- This same outcry, for the reasons noted above, just adds to the general hypocrisy (see: theatrical flopping) that surrounds world-class soccer in general and Brazil's in particular.

So stop whining, shut up and deal with it, Brazil.  Karma's a bitch.


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