Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Do you have a name?
Bond, James Bond.
No, not your name.  A name for your fantastical fiction.
Something whimsical and twee?
I was thinking about "The Year of Magical Cooking."
Really?  You think that's gonna fly?
It's a working title.
It sucks
How about "The Pastopian Dynamic"?
I don't even know what that means.
Pastopia is the pastoral version of Utopia.  Everybody hanging around in thatched huts, generally pleased with themselves, tending their roses.  The pigs never die until it's time to eat them.  The river never floods.  The biggest recent news was farmer Wigglydiwoggle winning the smoke-ring-blowing contest down at the Dewdrop Inn.
I know, right?  Stress-free!  Then you add the heavy cream and truffles and watch the lid blow off the place!
Okay, fine.  But "The Pastopian Dynamic" sounds like a sociology paper.
A little, I suppose.
Keep working.
How about "The Effect of High Fat Diets on Medieval Agrarian Society?"
Keep working. 


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