Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Greatness of Warhol

Because of his early death, Andy Warhol probably saw only the beginning of the way in which his work influenced the art and design communities. Still, he no doubt saw some of the early trickle-down. I wonder how he felt.

Actually, no... I take that back. I know exactly how he felt. I just can't describe it.

I am referring, of course, to page 190 of the October, 2006 issue of Oprah, The Magazine. It features a photo illustration by a woman named Maggie Taylor and looks like this:

I would now direct your attention to a work with which you are likely familiar--my Woman Adjusting Head--which was painted some years ago; no doubt prior to Ms. Taylor's effort:

This issue is certainly not one of artistic stealing or copyright infringement. I hold Ms Taylor completely blameless. In fact, there is a possibility that she has never even seen Woman Adjusting Head (although that strikes me as unlikely).

No, gentle reader, the issue is this:

We stand here, you and I, fellow journeymen on the Year of Magical Painting, a mere three months in, witnessing the first clear evidence that my quest for greatness is bearing fruit (if greatness is indeed defined as significantly changing the world that follows us).

I stand before you, as naked as a paint stick, tasting the greatness of Warhol. Rolling this heady brew around on my tongue. Doing that thing where you gargle, then squeeze your nostrils shut as you try to blow through your nose.

Now I spit it out onto the cool, sandy floor and am left with just the memory of the moment filling my sinus cavities.

I am playing Jolene by Ray LaMontage as I write this. I wonder if, years from now, when I hear that song, I'll remember everything.

I am Warhol!

God help me.


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