Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Don't Like Andy Warhol, Part 2

Okay. So I saw Part One of the Warhol documentary last night, and while I feel sorry that he had such a shitty childhood, I still don't like the guy.

I was interested in the line drawn between the religious iconography that comprised much of his early exposure to art and the defining style of portraiture that he eventually developed. One can surely see this, as the producers of the movie point out, in some of his silk-screened Marilyn Monroe portraits, particularly the ones with yellow or gold backgrounds.

This one, entitled "Gold Marilyn Monroe" (1962--if you are counting)...

while not a quintissential Warhol Marilyn portrait, just screams what I'm talking about.

For comparison sake, here's a tiny picture of Duccio's Madonna and Child (@1300, if you're counting) that the Met bought for roughly $45 million a couple of years ago. That's a lot of money for a painting smaller than a sheet of typing paper.

Clear-eyed observers (given the size of the image, eagle-eyed might be more descriptive) will note the alarming resemblance between the baby Jesus and Al Roker, the Today Show weatherman.


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