Thursday, September 14, 2006

Now This, I Want To Tell You...

Now this, I want to tell you, is the real Trenchtown experience!

Actually this has nothing to do with Trenchtown, the Jamaican shantytown that spawned Peter Tosh, Bunny Livingston and Bob Marley--the two men and a superstar that formed the core of the Wailers. I am fond, however, of the line itself as it is the first thing you hear on the famous "Bob Marley and The Wailers Live" album as the MC introduces the band to a scream throng at the Lyceum in London on the 18th of July, 1975.

Now this, I want to tell you...

is a 1973 Rolex Explorer II--the so called 1655 Orange Hand version that could possibly be the coolest Rolex in the world. I bought it sometime near Christmas, 1986 and wore it literally every day of my life until last week when I put it up for consignment with Aaron Faber, the vintage watch merchant.

I did so with two purposes in mind: First, the requisite stripping down of worldly possessions as part of suffering for one's art; and second, the need to find alternative financial fuels for my life now that the paychecks have stopped.

On that second note, I was surprised to find that the thing is worth a (relative) potload.

On the negative side, I kind of miss the thing. Sometimes I wake up, realize my watch is not on my wrist and think, "Shit, my watch is missing."

Viewing all this from afar, I'm sure Bob Marley would say: "Dem belly full, but dem hungry."


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