Thursday, September 07, 2006

Places my Painting Takes Me

One of the places my painting has recently taken me is L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, which is pronounced, if spoken quickly, latte-yea-due-show-ruby-show. The key to French, by the way, is a committment to just saying the damned stuff. The vowels and consonants rarely mean what you think they do, so you just gloss over them.

I was taken by my friend, Chuck--a subject of mine--in gratitude for the magnificence of his painting.

Lunch was fine, by the way. Mssr. Robuchon was the youngest chef to nab three Michelin stars in Europe. His first foray into the states was Las Vegas (God help us) and now he is in New York.

I'll post Chuck's painting next week--I'm not happy with the image I have on my computer right now and it will just annoy me to stare at it.

It is hard enough, by the way, to see what the computer and jpeg compression technology do to these images. You should call me and see them for yourself.


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