Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm Retracting the Previous Post

I decided not to shoot myself. Instead, I picked up a paint stick and pushed ahead on Blue Stephanie. But to give you a sense of the depth of my perceived inadequacy, if that's even how you spell it, I stopped by Friedman--the art supply store on 18th--and bought some glitter and some gel medium. I had thought perhaps some glitter--just a smidge--might liven up the proceedings.

Glitter! How the mighty have fallen. What could I have been thinking?

In my defense, I must say I saw not one but two different paintings that used glitter to interesting effect during my trip on Saturday. So I thought the whole thing was a sign from God.

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. A voice inside my head said, "Put the glitter down, you fucking idiot!" After that, things went well. And I didn't shoot myself, so at least now I can say At least I have my health!

In fact, Blue Stephanie is done. Finished. I'll post the final set of images tomorrow so you can see how the sequence finally panned out. I must say, it turned out nicely, and quite a bit different from what you can see below.

To paraphrase Teri Hatcher: "She's spectacular! And she's real."


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