Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Picasso Is Always With Me/Everybody Must Get Stoned

De Kooning has said, and been previously quoted as same in these very pages (if that's what these are), roughly: "Picasso is always with me."

Me too.

The actual quote can be found in this excerpt from a New York Times article about Picasso's influences on modern painters:
De Kooning said something oddly similar, out of frustration, when Picasso died in 1973. An interviewer asked him about Picasso’s influence. “There are certain things I like to keep to myself,” de Kooning barked. “He’s always with me — certain artists are always with me. And surely Picasso is one of them.”
But it is with the continued evolution of Blue Stephanie that I discover another truth...

First of all, this is one scary looking chick! I'm reminded of that exhibit floating around the South Street Seaport called "Bodies."

But that's not the great truth. The great truth has to do with the almost psychedelic feel to the image now that the hair is starting to grow in.

The great truth is: Dylan is always with me!

Everybody must get stoned.


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