Saturday, April 21, 2007

Self Portrait

Everybody knows I'm my father's son without me saying anything. When I ask how, they suggest a strong family resemblance as being the key.

Me? I don't see it.

But I've decided, since I doubt if I have more than a couple of paintings left for Leesburg, that a self-portrait might be a fun idea. A "shooting for the father in the son" sort of a thing, if you get my drift.

This is me getting ready to take my picture. My hair looks strange because I have just gotten back from my ride and it's greasy from sweat. There is quite a bit of it.

Did I mention that I wanted to only do the top half of my face?

I like this one... It seems to have the most radical crop. I think I look Jeffersonian.

This one merits consideration ...

As does this one, with its piercing stare ...

And by painting only the top half, nobody is going to remark about the size of my nostrils. This was a problem with my first self-portrait.

This, of course, is Bob Dylan's self-portrait with a similar crop:

Shit! He looks just like my dad!


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