Saturday, May 12, 2007

Too hoarse

I'm hoarse from all this typing, so I'll let the pictures tell most of the story. Here's Old Bobby Lee, half done if you count number of squares painted:

Now here's a tight crop of squares 17 through 20. Manomanoman, all kinds of shit is happening in the name of dynamic disjunction, particularly the mis-alignment of images between squares 18 and 19. Cool.

This is either a bell curve, a dead 'possum, a Venn diagram, or a particularly appealing display of how two adjacent squares, each painted without the benefit of cross-reference, once revealed, butt up against one another in a pleasing, albeit stimulating manner. If every "seam" could be as complementary as the one in the middle of this, I'd be delighted. As it is, I'm beginning to get excited. You?

And this is where we stand now. Given my recent travails, I can assure you I have gone to great lengths to confirm that the painting is positioned correctly on the wall and that I won't be painting new squares in upside-down.

You can see that the entire top and bottom rows are now permanently masked off, as is square 10. #12 is so minimally painted that I spared myself the hassle of masking it off. Squares 6, 8, 14 & 16 are now masked and ready for painting. When these four squares are done, they will then also be permanently masked, leaving only the two columns comprised of 5, 9 & 13 and 7, Stuart's Square & 15.

And my promise to you, gentle reader? Henceforth I will not uncover a previously masked area, but instead shall press ahead, painting and masking, until the whole damned thing is a sea of old newspapers and blue tape.

Next up: squares 7, 13 & 15. A day later I'll finish by painting that Blackheart--Stuart's Square.

And then? You, dear friend, and I shall witness the unpeeling of the finished painting together, through the miracle of YouTube.

Honestly, could you just die? I'm literally beside myself.


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