Friday, August 24, 2007

Truth in Blogging

Sheesh, those guys are fast. I just got an email from the "Truth in Blogging" section of the Federal Trade Commission contesting the phrase "a colossal amount of money!" in reference to my recent commission.

Okay, first of all, if I'd known I had to tell the truth, I'd never have started this damned thing in the first place. Where's the first amendment in all this?

Second, because who wants the FTC after them, I am hereby quantifying the phrase "a colossal amount of money." Discretion prevents me from just throwing out a dollar figure, but suffice it so say the amount offered was more than I paid for my first car, but significantly less than my highest annualized car insurance premium from State Farm when I was living in New Jersey, owned two cars, and had a teen-aged daughter listed as the primary driver of one of them.

It may also not, in fact, be enough money to "take" Manhattan. Or Berlin.

There. Is that clear enough?


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