Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Photographer Within

People have been asking me lately what kind of a photographer I am.

The answer...

Of course....

is fabulous.

I mean, who wouldn't want to look like her?

Be still my heart. Honestly. No, honestly! But isn't it odd that the painting I created from what was a very productive photo shoot is one of my least favorites? The painting is this:

It's called Lilah S. (Ash Wednesday) because I finished it on Ash Wednesday. When I asked Lilah if she minded if I put a ashy cross on her forehead she made a really big face. So I didn't.

To hell with Lilah. I think I may just do it anyway, although it certainly speaks to the question of "whose face is this, anyway?" I mean, how much control does she have (none) or should she have (the question at hand) of what I do with her painted face?

I'm of two minds, but I've been wanting to put that damned ash on her forehead for three years or so and, by gum, I think I'll do it.

Or maybe I should wait until next Ash Wednesday (which is a long way away).


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