Monday, August 20, 2007


For breakfast I had the following:

1 bowl Raisin Bran w/ skim milk
Several cups of coffee
1 peach

Worry not. I don't plan on listing the particulars of my daily food intake as a regular feature. Instead, I thought it would be a nice way to offer the following:

I washed the peach before I ate it. The reason for which leaves me uncharacteristically befuddled. I mean, what is rubbing a little water on my peach going to do, really? Or drying it with a kitchen rag that's probably teeming with flora and fauna? Does it get rid of pesticides? I doubt it. Or the spit from the bagpeople who go to my local grocery and lick the produce? Nah.

It's just one of those ridiculous things we do to make ourselves feel better.

Here is the same peach, with a couple of bites taken out:

Note the somewhat surreal coloring and overexposed bit of the exposed flesh. Both pix are really an excuse to see how the iPhoto program works on my new Mac.

Interesting. I particularly like, on the top one, how the lower background--which is the back cover of a book about Jackson Pollock--darkens and loses focus the farther from the center of the image one goes.

Peaches, like cheerleaders, are potent sexual icons. Hmmm.


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