Monday, August 06, 2007

Whither Geoffrey?

I was going to write about the extraordinary blue color of Kurt Busch's Miller Lite NASCAR car (or does one just write NASCAR? I think not.) It could possibly be one of the most beautiful machines ever made, and it saddens me beyond measure that next year the so-called Car of Tomorrow will supplant the current NASCAR body. It, in contrast to Mr. Busch's car, is a wretched looking thing.

But instead, and probably more to the point, I thought I'd explore what my next painting is going to be.

Choice one: A portrait of Jackson Pollock--thus giving credit where it is due--as swiped from the series of photos Hans Namuth made of him, shooting upwards, past Pollock, into the blue sky, while he paints on a sheet of glass. This would be one of them, although not the one I'd choose:

Choice Two: Big Steve I (Le Reve)--a reintepretation of Picasso's Le Reve. You may be familiar with this painting for a number of reasons. First, it is the one that gazillionaire Steve Wynne put his elbow through about a year ago. Second, it is famous because the image of Marie Therese-Walter (If memory serves) features a head which is partly shaped as a penis. I would replace Ms. T-W's head with that of Steve Jobs.

Reading in today's Times about the blog called Fake Steve that parodies Steve Jobs makes me laugh and may have sealed the deal. Plus, and I'm speaking purely from a structural perspective, Steve Jobs has always seemed like a penis-head to me.

You do the math.


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