Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vinnie, Vidi, Vici

This is roughly the plan for the weekend, to paraphrase Jets savior Vinnie Testeverde, as a select cohort of the Mammoth World Celebrity Bike Tour journeys to Wyoming to watch the Virginia road opener. That would be Dave and me.

We will be joined by non-team-member Earl, as one who follows these things closely might expect.

Lost in this is the agony of the realization that Mets savior Pedro Martinez will be throwing his last rehab start for the Brooklyn Cyclones at Keyspan park in Coney Island. Now THAT would be something to see!

Nonetheless, loyalty lies with the Amazing Cavaliers. So we go.

This, by the way, marks the first time I've been on an airplane since perhaps two years ago. Perhaps three. It literally couldn't be long enough.

I remember when flying was fun.


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