Monday, October 22, 2007

What to paint....

Paralyzed by indecision. I should just paint fucking Hamlet.

A couple of weeks ago it hit me: Paint Roger Ailes. Display it for annotation to coincide with the launch of the Fox News Network (whose obsession with the evils of Big Government as its guiding business philosophy is already tiring; heading towards annoying; and potentially dangerous in the way other Fox properties already are). Great idea.0

We know how that turned out, so now the question remains, "Whither Geoffrey?"

Then it hit me: Why not just paint the commissions? I mean, when I'm done with them, someone will give me some money. Yes?

Hell, someone will give me money if I just start one of the damned things.

So really, what's the question?

Don't bother calling, I'll be too busy. Unless you are a member of the financial elite. Or Helmut Lang.


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