Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The screen door slams...

In approximately 24 hours, Bruce Springsteen is going to shout the words "The screen door slams."

At which point I, my friend Chuck and the rest of Madison Square Garden are going to shout the words "Mary's dress waves..."

Then there will that dancing across the porch and Roy Orbison business.

Or something to that effect. I don't know what songs he's singing on this tour. But something like that will happen.

Me? I didn't particularly want to see a Springsteen concert. But I felt, as your intrepid reporter, that it was something I had to do. Not for me. For you.

Report to follow.

Bonus note: the last time I was at Madison Square Garden I was hoarse the next day from shouting "woo woo" during Sympathy for the Devil.

Fair warning: I'm sure the next several days will be filled with Springsteen quotes. If you don't like it, get your own fucking blog.


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