Friday, October 12, 2007

Walking the dog

It's important, every once in a while, to dog-sit for friends. Just to remind you why, no matter how lovable they may seem, dogs should be appreciated from a distance.

Now I am one of those people who watches "The Dog Whisperer" so devotedly that I can name a good portion of his pack. Daddy would, of course, be my favorite. And, having watched so many episodes, I realize that the first order of business with any dog, including Smokey, my weekend guest, is to go for a walk. Cesar uses the initial walk to help the dog understand who is pack leader. And once that relationship is established, nothing but good things happen thereafter.

Of course there was some initial resistance regarding what I think is the right and wrong way to conduct one's affairs. A couple of minor clashes of will, if you will. And the question did hang in the air for quite a while as to just who was the owner of the mushroom slice I bought on the corner. Stuff like that.

But all is well. I am in command. I'm like Alexander Haig, I'm so in command.

I'm sitting, staring at "Elena in the Morning", playing my guitar, singing the blues. Have you tried those PomWonderful tea blends that come in their own glasses? Man, they are okay. And it's hard for me to say such a thing, since their antioxidant research is second-tier, at best.

Smokey is in his dog bed reading The Times. Apparently he's one of those intelligent dogs--a Sheltie, or a Shetland Sheep Dog, or a Border Collie. Whichever are the ones who are smart enough to read The Times.

And we've reached a consensus on the Amos Lee/Ray LaMontagne issue. We both agree Amos is half the man Ray is.

Life is good. Smokey can smell the eucalyptus. I can smell Smokey.


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