Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Annotated Elena

People have a tendency to run around like chickens without heads, so I thought I'd just offer a bit of clarification about the "Look Ma...I'm Rich!!!" post, wherein I wrote:
Its a painting of my friend Elena. And let me tell you, it took enough beer, Jack Daniels and inappropriate mood enhancers to subdue a regiment before she mustered the nerve to take off her clothes.
For the record, she wanted to pose nude. I said to her, "Would you be interested in posing for a second painting nude? The fee is double." (She had already sat, clothed, for one painting) And she said something to the effect that "Yeah. That might be interesting." And I said, "If you're nervous about anything, you're welcome to bring a friend." And she did.

So really, things couldn't have been more appropriately handled. Just for the record.

But--when push came to shove--it did take her a while to build up the courage to not only take her cloze off, but to then pose for digital photography. I mean, have you seen the internet lately?

Me? I was sipping green tea. After all, somebody had to take the pictures.


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