Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm a firm believer in channeling the inner woman

It is often suggested that women reach decisions by talking (sometimes, perhaps, too exhaustively for some tastes) them through.

Thus, I am pleased to announce that, based on all the Nelly-boy yakking committed in the previous post, I have seized upon "The Annotated Ailes" as my next painting.

Now this, I want to tell you, is a real photo.

TBD remains the question of painting it in black and white vs. defaulting back to color. What is decided, of course, is that the background will be gessoed white. White like the underside of a dead fish. White like the corners of their eyes when the Union Soldiers opened up on Pickett's men.
You can't raise the Cane back up when it's in defeat.
They say that Longstreet wept openly as Pickett began his bloody march.

These are George Pickett's eyes.

These are Roger Ailes' eyes. Can you tell what he's thinking? I'm going with something along the lines of:
If you're going to get my painting done by October 15th, you'd better get your ass in gear.
Certainly a point taken. I'd forgotten until a couple of minutes ago that this was the 10th. This, I suppose, goes hand-in-hand with my frequent inability to identify what day of the week it is.

I hope the weather's nice on the 15th.


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