Monday, October 15, 2007

This Painting is now Officially Famous

You can see "Elena in the Morning" hanging here next to my '64 Rickenbacker in the Northeast corner of my living room. Do you like the crown molding? You can't see all of it.

On the surface of the painting is affixed a piece of typing paper with the following message on it:
This painting is now officially famous...
Page Six
New York Magazine
Honestly, how more do you need to justify squeezing out five grand?
This actually was part of my Big Maria marketing strategy--designed to inform passers-by that Big Maria was, in fact, the real deal. It's what we call motivational copy.

The reason it's on "Elena" is that it's part of my letting go process. Defacing the painting, if you will. Sticking shit on it. Putting a lamp in front of it. Hocking the occasional loogie. Etc. Etc.

Remain calm. Tomorrow it's gone. Then I'll be okay again.


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