Monday, December 17, 2007

490--Cheerleader With Banana ... The Movie!!!

I know you've all been waiting. I've been waiting too. Still waiting, in fact, as this movie uploads to Blogger. Better, perhaps, I should have used U-Tube (Which, I'm assuming, is the German diminutive of Untersee Tuben).

Although the last time I put something in yew tube, it showed up all over the world and some people (typically bloggers who make their money saying mean things about other people, as opposed to me, who makes money saying mean things about myself) said some mean things about me. Some of which were, I have to admit, a little bit on the money.

Still, this is an experiment and we're going to see how it goes. I'm not sure utube takes a 70M file. Blogger says it does. We'll see.

Anyway--there's more bad news. You're going to have to wade through about four, six, eight images that get us from basically nowhere to CWB(FA)1 just prior to me stepping into the frame and tearing off all the paper. That is to say, first there has to be paper.

Thus, six squares taped off and painted "completely"--in quotes because, really, what is complete, one might ask? Anyway:

Then this--masked off with the NYPost:

Then this--three more squares painted (sorry for the bad crop):

Then this--a sneak peak. I love her hair:

Then this--everything you see above is now masked off. Six more squares painted:

Are we rolling, Bob?

Then this:

Jesus, could this be any more exhausting? Anyway, here are the last squares painted in:

And finally...the unveiling.

Christ Almighty! What's that thing attached to my ass? Omigod, that is my ass!

Here's a better look at the canvas as shown at the end of the video. Clearly there are problems, particularly in squares 10 and 11. Also, what's with her chin?

And here is where we stand around the time I walked out of the studio tonight:

Obviously there's a lot to like. I'm particularly fond of columns 1 and 6 (you figure it out). The stripes, however, could not be more fucked up. I mean, really, how much was I drinking when I painted those? Or maybe that's just the fun of the obscured box technique.

And there's always the question of What is more important, the squares or the painting? Of course the answer is the painting. But the challenge is to make the painting right while still keeping the dynamic disjunction offered by all the square-to-square screw-ups. I mean, you can already see the edge between 8 and 14 disappearing as I try to make her face work. I mean (says he for the second time in two sentences--make a note, Meg), if I didn't want the all the stuff going on with the squares, I would have painted it a completely different way.

Yes, my friend. That's the challenge.

Also, please don't use the word "cubist" when you talk amongst yourselves about this painting. I understand the urge, but cubism is so not what this is. This is something else entirely.

Fauvist. I can take "fauvist", if you're really scrounging around. All those oranges and blues! But not cubist.


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