Wednesday, December 19, 2007

493--it's three in the morning

Actually it's about noon the next day. I didn't figure you were ready for another "it's three in the morning..." post so I'm sparing you.

It's half past noon. And I am a whore. A Big One. If people were spaghetti sauce, I'd be putanesca. However you spell that. I'm artificially manipulating the edges of the squares of CWB(FA)1 as a means of organically manipulating you, dear reader. Or, rather, viewer.

I'd show you, but for two reasons:

1--I'm too ashamed
B--I lent my camera to Rich so he could take holiday pictures.

Number two was an act of insanity. Just when we're rolling, not having a camera is slowing down the process. The only good news is that the process (see above) is such a loathsome act of selling-out that perhaps it's best not witnessed.

So maybe it's all good.


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